Friday, November 19, 2010

Beginnings and Ends

The beginnings of things are always so much easier than the ends.

The first time I kissed you was in fall. You were sitting on my lap and your hair was a tangled mess between my fingers. You tasted of cinnamon gum and our kiss lasted forever. We moved to a bedroom and we didn’t stop kissing until the sun rose, and if I pay attention I can still remember the taste on my lips in the morning.

The first time I felt your skin against mine was three weeks later and by then we had kissed for a total of twenty-three hours. It was cold and I held you closely as our clothes came off, but only my breath on your neck could warm you enough. I remember seeing and touching all of you, and I was lost in a moment of time that I knew I could never get back.

The end involved more words than touch, and I suppose that was ok too. I couldn’t savor them as much as I tried, but we didn’t go in anger and maybe that was enough.

Months after the end we crawled back into bed together, and I remembered that first kiss over and over again. I remembered your dress and your tangled hair and it was enough to make me believe that beginnings are sometimes far more important than ends.

—Guy New York

source: quickiesinnewyork