Sunday, November 28, 2010

Things We Do For Love

Sometimes I find it amazing the things people do for love.

Sure, we kiss and we write letters. We buy flowers, rub backs, and hold on tightly, but the list keeps on going. We also tie up our partners and spank them until their cheeks are red and tender. We hold back our desires and remain faithful or we bring men home to fuck us while our partners watch.

We come on our partner’s lips and slender necks out of love. We don’t come at all for the same reason no matter how much we desire release. We wear condoms, collars, and leather because love demands it.

We watch our partners and learn how to touch and we listen with our eyes bound and our hands held firmly above our heads. We slap each other (sometime hard) and we whisper words of comfort in each other’s ears.

Some of us cry for each other and some stand over our partners in laughter. We compliment breasts and bellies and we whisper how he’s so much bigger. We wear short skirts and well fitted jackets with polished shoes we can barely walk in. We fuck mouths, feet, cunts, and asses all in the name of love.

—Guy New York

source: quickiesnewyork