Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my so called life

She was magnificent. And a complete mystery.

He couldn’t label her like he did other girls. When he first met her, she acted so sweet and innocent. All bashful and embarrassed if she did something she deemed wrong in front of him.

Then they started dating. He started getting to know her, all that she was about. Under the shy exterior she was intelligent. Once she was comfortable, she was easier to talk to.

Then, their relationship became official. That’s when he met the wild cat inside her.

She loved sex. Tried to have her way with him every chance they could get. He loved that she couldn’t get enough of him. He felt the same about her. It never took much for him to get her slippery and wanting for him.

Which is what he had done earlier. Teased her with his words, until she was kissing him fiercely, removing his clothes. He fought for dominance at first, rolling over and ravishing every part of her he could.


She overpowered him, grasping him in her hand and stroking, working him to full arousal.

He went wild with for her when she turn her back to him and slid him inside her slowly, letting her body get use to his thick intrusion. She was so tight, grasping at him, moaning and whimpering her pleasure.

He looked down as she began to move, watching his cock disappear and appear in and out of her sex, making him shine with her cream. It was the most appealing thing he’d ever watched.

He wouldn’t last long this time.

source: thisfemaleform/misscheeky