Monday, April 18, 2011


Getting her out of bed was far more difficult than in.

The sheets were soft, the pillows softer, and the sound of rain did nothing to motivate us. She was wearing socks, I was wearing nothing, and our bodies naturally gravitated towards each other as they sought comfort.

I wanted to have all the energy in the world so I could roll her over and listen to her moan as blood rushed through our bodies. I wanted to feel strong, awake, and alive. Instead, we kissed slowly and got lost in the feeling of skin. I played with her curls and she slid her foot up my calf until it tickled.

We were both almost surprised when I grew hard against her belly, and when I slipped inside her it was like a dream. We barely moved as we listened to each other breathe, and every place our bodies touched felt like sex to me. Her fingertips and her tongue. Her elbow and her shoulder blade. Her hair against my chest and her toes on my ankle made me shudder and moan softly into her gentle ear.

When she came for me it was long and silent. We stretched out everything, letting time and muscles find their own place. She kissed me with wet lips, and even her tongue felt warm and comforting.

Afterwards we took turns sleeping and staring out at the rain.

source: theguynewyork