Tuesday, July 5, 2011


“I can see stars.”

“Am I fucking you that hard?”

She hit me lightly as I leaned over her in the hot tub, but with a twist of my neck I knew what she meant. The sky was bright and there wasn’t a city light for miles. There were constellations I didn’t know existed and the Milky Way was a river across the night sky.

I pulled her up onto my lap and slid right back inside her. She arched her back and my attention was torn between the sky and her collarbone. She tasted of chlorine and sunscreen, and she smelled like insect repellant. I kissed her anyway and felt her tighten around me.

“I want you to come like that,” she whispered.

“Like what?” I asked. She grabbed my hair and tilted my head back. She licked the water from my neck and chin before kissing me on the nose. With one hand between her legs and the other still holding me tightly, I started to lose control.

“Like that. I want you to come stars inside me that we haven’t seen in months. I want you to come Ursa Major and Cassiopeia in my ever expanding cunt, and I want you explode like streaks through the sky.”

She kissed me again when I called her Lyra and I did just as she asked. Our eyes stayed open as our bodies shook in the hot water, and I imagined the universe inside her.

“I love you,” was all I could say.

“I know.”