Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I wanted her ass. 

I also wanted everything that came with it, and I don’t mean her heart and her mind. I mean I wanted the pain, the degradation, and shame. I wanted her to struggle and scream as I fucked her, and it was the first time my desire overcame my guilt.

She knew it too. She may even have known better than I did because she teased me and pushed me until I gave in. She pulled every inch of thoughtless lust out of me and it all fell apart.

“Take what you want,” she said, looking over her shoulder at me. She was wearing nothing but blue cotton underwear and wiggling her hips as she laughed at me. “If you think you can…”

I was on her in seconds, and she pushed and kicked as I dragged her down onto the bed. My mouth was on her neck and my hands gripped her wrists as I forced open her thighs with a knee.

“Is that all you got?” she asked, pulling away from my lips and teeth.

I let my weight fall as I turned her to her stomach. I held both hands with one of mine as I pushed two fingers around elastic and into her wet cunt. She pushed back against me as I held her down and she was almost laughing as she struggled. Everything in her voice and body told me I wouldn’t. It said I would never let myself go enough to get what I want. It told me I was simply too nice to be any fun.

She screamed when I tore her panties off her body. She moaned when I thrust my cock inside her pussy, and she bucked when my I pushed a finger into her tight ass. 

“I’m going to fuck you until you cry.”

“Do it,” she groaned. “Fuck my ass like you mean it. Take something. Take everything.”

I had my hand in her hair without realizing it, and I pulled her to me. My cock was glistening with her wetness as I stared at it, nestled between the cheeks of her ass. I opened her with my thumb and gripped my cock hard. I pressed it against her, struggling to hold her, and fascinated by what I was watching. 

All I could hear was her breathing as I tried over and over again to push inside her. I was nearly mad with frustration as I struggled, and then suddenly, it was done. I watched as the head of my cock entered her, and I felt her tight around me as I pushed into her without stopping. She was cursing and screaming, and I was thrusting like I was crazy.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned as I pulled out as far as I dared before slamming back into her.

“Your ass is amazing,” I said. 

And then we fucked. I pulled her hips to me as I started to move. She pushed back on her knees, and I never let go of her hair as both of our voices grew louder. Sweat covered my body and hers, shining in the dim light of the room. I could see the light blonde hairs on the small of her back as my cock disappeared inside her over and over again.

It took me less than three minutes to finish, but in my memory it was years. I was lost in her ass for a lifetime, and there was no way out except to come and scream and hopefully collapse onto her perfect body until the morning stole everything away.

I held her nearly motionless when I came in her ass. My fingers dug into her skin as I pulled her to me as tightly as I could. Her voice was a deep groan of pain and pleasure that urged me to come harder and longer. She demanded everything I had, and I gave it willingly. 

As I lay next to her, catching my breath and wondering how soon I should go to the bathroom and wash off, she took my hand in hers. She held it to her cheek and kissed my fingers.

“That was amazing,” she whispered. I tried not to giggle as I turned to look at her. She had an expression I hadn’t seen before. 

Everything was different.

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